.NET Fresher Training with Projects
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.NET Fresher Training with Projects

Want to make best use of your summer time? Learn .NET with a LIVE Project.

6 Mar 2011

51 Weeks

Course started: 6 Mar 2011

This course runs for 51 Weeks




This course covers all the .NET technologies that you will need to work on: ASP.NET, SQL Server, OOP, ADO.NET and basic .NET framework. This online course does not just cover theory and explanation, you also get to work on real projects. Through practical demos on important features and examples, you will understand the fundamentals. In 30 days, you will get the complete knowledge and training to outperform your colleagues and stand out in front of your boss.


Main highlight of this course : it's flexibility: We make sure that you are to able to attend all the online classes as per your convenience. We have continuous courses running in different time slots, you can join the slot that suits your requirements and suitability. If you have any other requirement, you can let us know and we will make sure you are accommodated.


.NET Fresher Training with Projects online course package:


  • 30 LIVE teaching hours
  • 600 high quality videos for full month
  • eBooks for self reading : 400+.NET interview question book
  • Mock Interviews to build your confidence when you go for real interviews


What's included in the course?


  • The trainers consists of a Microsoft MVP
  • NET concepts
  • Calculator project for OOPS concept
  • Chat application in ASP.NET
  • Chat windows application consuming webservices / WCF in ASP.NET
  • Invoicing application for ADO.NET
  • New Concepts WCF, Silverlight and LINQ
  • Chat application in ASP.NET


The illustration below shows the topics of the videos:



Here are a few demo videos:


1. Mediator pattern using .NET:



2. Command pattern using .NET:



Language of instruction: English

About the instructor

MUMBAI , India

Renowned Trainer and Author MR SHIVPRASAD KOIRALA and Questpond make a team of top MVP recognized professionals in the Microsoft domain. Since 2001, we have trained many professionals in technologies like OOP, ASP.NET, SQL Server, WCF, WPF, WWF, Silverlight, LINQ, Azure, Architecture and Project Management. Questpond is famous for online trainings, recorded videos and best-selling books. Check out our complete profile at:
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We organize online as well as offline training from interview preparation aspect in C#, SQL Server, ASP.NET, WCF, WPF, WWF, Azure, Silverlight,LINQ, VSTS,Design patterns , estimation and lot more.
We believe in explaing complex subjects in simple manner.
You can view our 300 videos on .NET interviews at our site:


Schedule & Syllabus

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Week 1
06 Mar - 12 Mar

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Week 50