OOPs, .NET and SQL Server Interview Preparation
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OOPs, .NET and SQL Server Interview Preparation

Want that dream software engineering job? Then, prepare well for the interview.

23 Nov 2010

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As a .NET software developer aspiring for a bigger role or a graduate aspiring to become a software developer, this online course will prepare you for the most difficult questions that you might face in your next interview.


The best software jobs do not necessarily land up with the best developers but with the ones who can best showcase their skills. This online course offers you unlimited rounds of technical mock-up interviews, 400+ question interview books and 300 videos of practical demonstrations. With practice-questions and one-to-one mock interview sessions, you will be well prepared for the job interview.


More than 2000 professionals got jobs in multinational companies with this course. Why not you become the next one?


This course has been designed keeping three audiences in mind:


1. Core (up to 3 years):: Freshers or professionals with less than 3 years of experience are expected to have knowledge of ASP.NET, SQL Server, OOPS, ADO.NET and .NET Framework. Failure to answer the questions in these areas in an interview means immediate disqualification.


2. Core + New technologies (3 to 9 years of experience): Professionals with 3 to 9 years of experience in .Net are expected to have knowledge of new technologies like WCF, WWF, Silverlight, LINQ and WPF.


3. Architects/ Project managers (9 years and above): Professionals with 9 or more years of experience are interviewed as either architects or project managers. Architects are expected to have knowledge of design patterns, UML, MVC, MVP, MVVM, load balancing etc. Project managers should know about Agile Software Development, Estimation (FPA), SDLC, coding processes, etc.


You can choose the modules you want!


How does this course work?


You can watch the class recordings of all the online classes (mentioned below) by enrolling in this course.



The features of OOPS, .NET and SQL Server Interview Preparation online course:


  • Recorded classes: 4+ (4 online classes of 1 hour each)
  • High quality videos: 300 (for full 30 day online access)
  • eBook for self reading: 5 (downloadable with a total of 350 pages of high quality content)
  • Mock interviews: Build your confidence when you go for the real interview


The OOPS, .NET and SQL Server Interview Preparation online course package:


1. Recorded Classes:The individual class recordings are:


OOPs interview questions:


Important Principles:

  • Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Concepts of Abstract classes and Interfaces
  • Interview questions around abstract classes and interfaces
  • Concept of Polymorphism and different types of polymorphism
  • Interview questions around static and dynamic polymorphism
  • Concept of Shadowing
  • Interview questions around shadowing and overriding
  • Concept of access modifiers
  • Interview questions around Access modifiers and encapsulation
  • Concept of Static keyword
  • Interview questions around Static keyword
  • 3 tier-architecture concepts using OOPS
  • Interview questions 3-tier architecture


ASP.NET interview questions:


  • Concept of Application and Page life cycle
  • Interview questions around Page life cycle
  • Concept of Application and Cache object
  • Interview questions around Application and Cache objects
  • Concept of Different page caching mechanism in ASP.NET
  • Interview questions around page fragment and different caching mechanism
  • Concept of application and session events
  • Interview questions around application and session events
  • Concept of view state
  • Interview questions around viewstate and different state management
  • Concept of authentication and authorization
  • Interview questions around authentication and authorization
  • Concept of tracing
  • Interview questions regarding tracing
  • Concept of validators


SQL Server interview questions:


  • Concept of normalization and de-normalization
  • Interview questions around normalization and de-normalization
  • Concept of clustered and non-clustered indexes
  • Interview questions around clustered and non-clustered indexes
  • Concept of Stored procedure and triggers
  • Interview questions around stored procedure and triggers
  • Transactions and locking in SQL server
  • Interview questions around transactions and locking
  • Concept of SQL optimization and SQL plan
  • Interview questions around SQL optimization


.NET interview questions:


  • Concept of IL, CLR and CTS
  • Interview questions around IL, CLR and CTS
  • Concept of GAC, Assembly and namespaces
  • Interview questions around the assembly, registering assembly in GAC and why do we need namespaces
  • Concept of value types, reference types, boxing and unboxing
  • Interview questions around value types and reference types when they fit well
  • Interview questions around how performance is affected using boxing and unboxing
  • Concept of threading
  • Interview questions around threading and appdomain
  • Concept of consuming COM components in .NET
  • Concept Delegates and Events
  • Interview questions around difference between delegates and events
  • Concept of reflection
  • Interview questions covering how reflection is implemented in projects
  • Interview questions around different types of validators and when to use what


2. Access to a library of 300 Videos: These high quality videos explaining each .NET topic in significant detail. The illustration below shows the topics of the videos


3. Access to 5 eBooks (downloadable) with 400+ top interview questions:


: .NET Interview Questions Part-1: The book covers around 600+ .NET Interview Questions from real .NET Interviews.


: .NET Interview Questions Part-2: The book is the second part of the .NET Interview Questions.


: Software Architecture Interview Question: With complete chapters on Design patterns, Design document with UML diagram, SOA, Estimation, OOP, Load balancing, etc., the book covers the entire Software Architecture domain. It comes with a CD with tools to evaluate your progress, samples and practice sheets.


: Project Management Interview Questions: From the basic topics like ROI, stake holders, MOU, SDLC, CAR, DAR, traceability matrix to advanced topics like Estimation, Schedule management, Costing, Risk Managment, CMMI, etc., the book covers every topic from the Project Management Interview perspective. It comes with a CD with samples and practice sheets.


: SharePoint Interview Questions: The book gives a comprehensive approach to SharePoint with charts and tables explaning the intricaies of the concept.


Why learn online?


Attend from Home or Office

No need to travel-skip the frustration of traffic and save time

Ask your questions in real, live class

Watch recording after the class is over

Course costs less than the classroom


Language of instruction: English

About the instructor

MUMBAI , India

Renowned Trainer and Author MR SHIVPRASAD KOIRALA and Questpond make a team of top MVP recognized professionals in the Microsoft domain. Since 2001, we have trained many professionals in technologies like OOP, ASP.NET, SQL Server, WCF, WPF, WWF, Silverlight, LINQ, Azure, Architecture and Project Management. Questpond is famous for online trainings, recorded videos and best-selling books. Check out our complete profile at:
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We organize online as well as offline training from interview preparation aspect in C#, SQL Server, ASP.NET, WCF, WPF, WWF, Azure, Silverlight,LINQ, VSTS,Design patterns , estimation and lot more.
We believe in explaing complex subjects in simple manner.
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Schedule & Syllabus

Section 1

Section 1
.NET Interview Questions Part 1
.NET Interview Questions Part 2
Project Management Interview
Software Architecture Interview
Share Point
c# and .NET interview questions:- What are the different types of c
c# and .NET interview questions and answer video
.NET C# Interview questions and answers video
.net interview questions on .NET 4.0 MEF
C# interview questions:- differences in convert.tostring & tostring
c# interview questions :- What is the use of private constructor ?
.net interview questions on Part 1 of .NET Mock Interview
.net interview questioons on.NET Mock Interview Part 2
.net interview questions on Part 3 of .NET Mock Interview
.net interview questions on .NET Best Practice No. 1 - Part 2
pdf generator in .NET - Dynamically generate .pdf in ASP.NET
c# and .NET Interview questions :- What are Generics
Live...! mock .NET interview for a candidate
Learn how to face .NET Interview? - Mock round
C# and .NET Framework interview questions:- Explain Multi-targeting
Test yourself for Sharepoint 2010 interviews
Learn .NET in 60 days - Day 1
Test your three tier architecture skills
Test yourself for .net and C# interviews.
4 solid Visual studio and .NET tips and tricks
VS and .NET tip 5 :- Create encapsulated properties
VS and .NET tip 6 :- Skip debugging
VS and .NET tip :- Creating Tasklist
Visual studio and .NET tip 7:- Drag and drop code from tool box
Visual studio and .NET tip 8:- Get inner most exception
WCF :- What is REST ( Representational state transfer ) ?
Visual studio and .NET tip 9:- Conditional Debugging
c# and .NET video :- What are named parameters ?
What is Circulardependency ?
Knowledge Sharing session by Developers :- What are partial classes
OOP interview questions :- What is the difference between Abstracti
c# :- What is difference between String(Capital S) and string(small
Knowledge sharing session on Inheritance
Visual studio and .NET tips and tricks 13:- Increase performance of
Knowledge Sharing session :- What is polymorphism, static polymorph
Learn .NET and c# in 60 days - Lab 1 (Day 1)
Learn .NET and c# in 60 days - Lab 2 (Day 1)
c# :- Class1 creates objects of Class2 and Class2 creates of Class1
Learn .NET and c# in 60 days - Lab 3 (Day 1)
Learn .NET and c# in 60 days - Lab 4 (Day 1)
Learn .NET and c# in 60 days - Lab 5 (Day 1)
c# :- Creating a simple calculator using c#
Learn .NET and c# in 60 days Lab 6 day 2 :- Commenting
Lab 7 Day 2 :- Learn c# and .NET in 60 days ( for LOOPs)
c# :- Knowledge sharing session (Aggregation and Composition)
Learn .NET and c# in 60 days(Lab 9):- Creating your First windows a
c# :- What are partial classes and partial methods in c# ?
Learn .NET and c# in 60 days Lab 10( Day 3) Creating the Customer S
Visual studio and .NET tips and tricks 14:- Implement interfaces wi
What is Mock testing ( MOQ) ?
Learn .NET and c# in 60 days Lab 11( Day 4) Creating the Customer S
Object Oriented programming ( OOP ) :- What is Aggregation , Associ
WCF Interview question :- Can we do method overloading in WCF servi
What is SSIS , SSAS and SSRS ( part 1) with sample demo?
Visual studio and .NET tips and tricks 15:- Detect which object poi
What is the difference between UNION and UNION All ( SQl server )?
SEO Optimization using Response.RedirectPermanent
4 important design patterns :- c# corner webinar
SEO Optimization using Response.RedirectPermanent
c# tip:- Ensure only instance of your windows application is runnin
c# :- What is Lambda expressions , Action , Func and Predicate ?
What is CTE ( Common table expression) in SQL Server ( Doubt solvin
SQL Server :- Can you explain First,Second and Third normal form in
C# How to check assembly manifest for supported CLR version?
Learn c# day 9 , Lab 19 :- Creating a two tier architecture in c# (
ASP.NET Session hijacking with Forms authentication
SQL Server join :- Inner join,Left join,Right join and full outer j
c# and .NET :- What are concurrent generic collections in c#?
ASP.NET Training video :- What is the importance of session and vie
In a parent child relationship which constructor fires first ?
c# and .NET :- What is covariance and contravariance in c# ?
c# and .NET :- Multithreading and thread safe objects.
c# and .NET :- Difference between Constant and Readonly.
OOPS training: - Step by Step approach to learn OOPS
How to implement windows authentication in ASP.NET MVC 3
c# Threading Interview questions :- What is AutoResetEvent and Manu
C# Video:- How to debug C# threads(training and interview questions
Stored procedures DONOT increase performance(.NET and SQL training
SQLServerInterviewQuestions:-Diff btn star schema &SnowFlakeDesign?
ASP.NET Interview Question: - How to decrypt connection string in W
SQL Server Interview Questions by Shivprasad Koirala
c# and .NET training :- What are extension methods in c# ? (Interv
Visual studio and .NET tips and tricks 17:- Removing unused namesp
Learn .NET and C# in 60 Days Lab 25 (Day 15): - Web Security
WCF Training :- What is WCF fault exceptions ? ( Interview quests)
Biztalk training :- What is Biztalk and why do we need Biztalk ?
c# interview question :- Debug VS Release ( c# training )
Biztalk training:- What are Adapters,Pipeline,Maps and ports ?
Visual studio and .NET Tip 18 :- Run multiple projects easily throu
SQL Server interview question / training :- What is page split
SQL Server interview training :-What are triggers , inserted and de
Stored procedure VS Simple SQL performance comparison.
Can SQL Server views be updated (SQL Server interview questions)
Visual studio and .NET Tips and Tricks 20 :- Save Debug points
SQL Server interview questions: -How to delete duplicate records wh
SQL Server 2012 interview question :- How to do pagination in SQL S
SQL Server 2012 interview questions: - What are Sequence objects?
SQL Server 2012 interview questions: - What is DQS (data quality se
SQL Server interview question: - What is Tabular Model (SSAS)?
.NET and SQL Server interview question:- What are contained databas
Top 20 exciting features of SQL Server 2012 – Part 1
MVC ASP.NET interview question:-What is the difference between term
MVC ASP.NET interview question: -Can we create our custom view engi
MVC Video :- Difference between viewdata,viewbag,tempdata and sess
Important c# and .NET interview question on object pooling and Grid
ASP.NET MVC interview question: – How to send result back in JSON f
ASP.NET MVC Interview questions: - What is "WebAPI" in MVC (Model V
ASP.NET MVC interview question: - How to implement Ajax in MVC(Mode
30 important ASP.NET MVC interview question
.NET and C# interview questions and answers: – What is JSON(JavaScr
Is 3 months’ notice period validfor IT developers?
.NET interview questions and answers: – Will the following c# code
How to prepare for c# and .NETinterviews?
C# and ADO.NET interview questions :- Dataset is a connected while
ASP.NET Interview Questions : - What is Post Cache substitution?
.NETinterview questions and answers: – Will the finally run in this
.NET interview questions and answers: - What is TPL?
ASP.NET Training and Interview Questions: – How did you deployment
ASP.NET Training: - How many types of validation controls are provi
SQL Server SSIS interview questions and answers: – You have million
C# interview questions and answers: - Can you write a simple c# cod
Day 16 ( Lab 26 ) :- Learn .NET and c# in 60 days - Regex ( Regular
(Day 17) Lab 27:- Learn .NET and c# in 60 days - Improving Database
SQL Server training:- How to implement Pivot?
C# and ASP.NET interview question: - What is Ajax and how does it h
In this video we will try to understand What is operator overloadin
.NET interview questions and answers: – Which is the best place to
(Day 18) Lab 28:- Learn .NET and C# in 60 days - 1 to many relation
.NET interview questions and answers :- GetType VS TypeOf
C# and ASP.NET interview questions and answers: – What is URL routi
C# interview questions and answers:– Explain the use of Icomparable
.NET interview questions and answers: - What is difference betweenI
.NET interview questions and answers: – How can we create a windows
ASP.NET interview questions and answers: -Can you explain membershi
SQL Server interview questions and answers: -What is the use of 'hi
SQL Server interview questions and answers: – What is difference be
C# interview questions and answers: – Can you write code for bubble
SSRS video :- How to create a simple report in SQL Server reporting
.NET interview questions and answers: – Can you write code for bubb
.NET interview questions and answers: -How can you define a propert
.NET 4.5 interview questions: – What is time out support in regex (
Algorithm interview questions and answers: – What is inserted sort
Algorithm interview questions and answers: – How does selection sor
SQL Server reporting Service Step by Step.
c# interview questions and answers :- What is the use of c# “Yield”
Codeproject.tv :- Learn SharePoint Step by Step Videos
SQL Server interview questions and answers: - What is HID data type
.NET interview questions and answers: - What is the use of Click On
C# (Csharp) interview questions and answers: – What are indexers in
c# interview questions :- What are indexer's in c# ( Csharp) ?
.NET interview questions and answers: - How to reverse a string in
C# OOP interview questions and answers: - I do not want to implemen
.NET interview questions and answers: - Will the below codes create
C# design pattern interview questions – What is Dependency injectio
C# and .NET interview questions with answers – What is Nuget?
C# interview questions and answers: - What is the difference betwee
How questions are asked in c# interviews?
Dependency injection (DI) VS Inversion of Control (IOC)
C# design pattern interview question: - DI vs IOC
.NET interview questions with answers: - What is the difference bet
MVC interview questions with answers video: – What is Web API how t
C# and .NET interview question: – When should we use Structure as c
C# WPF interview questions:- What are dependency properties ?