OOPs, .NET and SQL Server Interview Preparation
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OOPs, .NET and SQL Server Interview Preparation

Want that dream software engineering job? Then, prepare well for the interview.

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As a .NET software developer aspiring for a bigger role or a graduate aspiring to become a software developer, this online course will prepare you for the most difficult questions that you might face in your next interview.

The best software jobs do not necessarily land up with the best developers but with the ones who can best showcase their skills. This online course offers you unlimited rounds of technical mock-up interviews, 400+ question interview books and 300 videos of practical demonstrations. With practice-questions and one-to-one mock interview sessions, you will be well prepared for the job interview.

More than 2000 professionals got jobs in multinational companies with this course. Why not you become the next one?

This course has been designed keeping three audiences in mind:

1. Core (up to 3 years):: Freshers or professionals with less than 3 years of experience are expected to have knowledge of ASP.NET, SQL Server, OOPS, ADO.NET and .NET Framework. Failure to answer the questions in these areas in an interview means immediate disqualification.

2. Core + New technologies (3 to 9 years of experience): Professionals with 3 to 9 years of experience in .Net are expected to have knowledge of new technologies like WCF, WWF, Silverlight, LINQ and WPF.

3. Architects/ Project managers (9 years and above): Professionals with 9 or more years of experience are interviewed as either architects or project managers. Architects are expected to have knowledge of design patterns, UML, MVC, MVP, MVVM, load balancing etc. Project managers should know about Agile Software Development, Estimation (FPA), SDLC, coding processes, etc.

You can choose the modules you want!

How does this course work?

You can watch the class recordings of all the online classes (mentioned below) by enrolling in this course.

The features of OOPS, .NET and SQL Server Interview Preparation online course:

  • Recorded classes: 4+ (4 online classes of 1 hour each)
  • High quality videos: 300 (for full 30 day online access)
  • eBook for self reading: 5 (downloadable with a total of 350 pages of high quality content)
  • Mock interviews: Build your confidence when you go for the real interview

The OOPS, .NET and SQL Server Interview Preparation online course package:

1. Recorded Classes:The individual class recordings are:

OOPs interview questions:

Important Principles:

  • Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Concepts of Abstract classes and Interfaces
  • Interview questions around abstract classes and interfaces
  • Concept of Polymorphism and different types of polymorphism
  • Interview questions around static and dynamic polymorphism
  • Concept of Shadowing
  • Interview questions around shadowing and overriding
  • Concept of access modifiers
  • Interview questions around Access modifiers and encapsulation
  • Concept of Static keyword
  • Interview questions around Static keyword
  • 3 tier-architecture concepts using OOPS
  • Interview questions 3-tier architecture

ASP.NET interview questions:

  • Concept of Application and Page life cycle
  • Interview questions around Page life cycle
  • Concept of Application and Cache object
  • Interview questions around Application and Cache objects
  • Concept of Different page caching mechanism in ASP.NET
  • Interview questions around page fragment and different caching mechanism
  • Concept of application and session events
  • Interview questions around application and session events
  • Concept of view state
  • Interview questions around viewstate and different state management
  • Concept of authentication and authorization
  • Interview questions around authentication and authorization
  • Concept of tracing
  • Interview questions regarding tracing
  • Concept of validators

SQL Server interview questions:

  • Concept of normalization and de-normalization
  • Interview questions around normalization and de-normalization
  • Concept of clustered and non-clustered indexes
  • Interview questions around clustered and non-clustered indexes
  • Concept of Stored procedure and triggers
  • Interview questions around stored procedure and triggers
  • Transactions and locking in SQL server
  • Interview questions around transactions and locking
  • Concept of SQL optimization and SQL plan
  • Interview questions around SQL optimization

.NET interview questions:

  • Concept of IL, CLR and CTS
  • Interview questions around IL, CLR and CTS
  • Concept of GAC, Assembly and namespaces
  • Interview questions around the assembly, registering assembly in GAC and why do we need namespaces
  • Concept of value types, reference types, boxing and unboxing
  • Interview questions around value types and reference types when they fit well
  • Interview questions around how performance is affected using boxing and unboxing
  • Concept of threading
  • Interview questions around threading and appdomain
  • Concept of consuming COM components in .NET
  • Concept Delegates and Events
  • Interview questions around difference between delegates and events
  • Concept of reflection
  • Interview questions covering how reflection is implemented in projects
  • Interview questions around different types of validators and when to use what

2. Access to a library of 300 Videos: These high quality videos explaining each .NET topic in significant detail. The illustration below shows the topics of the videos

3. Access to 5 eBooks (downloadable) with 400+ top interview questions:

: .NET Interview Questions Part-1: The book covers around 600+ .NET Interview Questions from real .NET Interviews.

: .NET Interview Questions Part-2: The book is the second part of the .NET Interview Questions.

: Software Architecture Interview Question: With complete chapters on Design patterns, Design document with UML diagram, SOA, Estimation, OOP, Load balancing, etc., the book covers the entire Software Architecture domain. It comes with a CD with tools to evaluate your progress, samples and practice sheets.

: Project Management Interview Questions: From the basic topics like ROI, stake holders, MOU, SDLC, CAR, DAR, traceability matrix to advanced topics like Estimation, Schedule management, Costing, Risk Managment, CMMI, etc., the book covers every topic from the Project Management Interview perspective. It comes with a CD with samples and practice sheets.

: SharePoint Interview Questions: The book gives a comprehensive approach to SharePoint with charts and tables explaning the intricaies of the concept.

Why learn online?

Attend from Home or Office

No need to travel-skip the frustration of traffic and save time

Ask your questions in real, live class

Watch recording after the class is over

Course costs less than the classroom

Language of instruction: English

About the instructor

MUMBAI , India

Renowned Trainer and Author MR SHIVPRASAD KOIRALA and Questpond make a team of top MVP recognized professionals in the Microsoft domain. Since 2001, we have trained many professionals in technologies like OOP, ASP.NET, SQL Server, WCF, WPF, WWF, Silverlight, LINQ, Azure, Architecture and Project Management. Questpond is famous for online trainings, recorded videos and best-selling books. Check out our complete profile at:
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We organize online as well as offline training from interview preparation aspect in C#, SQL Server, ASP.NET, WCF, WPF, WWF, Azure, Silverlight,LINQ, VSTS,Design patterns , estimation and lot more.
We believe in explaing complex subjects in simple manner.
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